Our SX Life Size full-body canada goose decoys are the best production canada goose decoy out there. Ultra-realistic paint schemes and superior paint adhesion and they are a one piece decoy flocked heads and tales. Large square  motion bases and come with a 20 inch stake. and also have a individual storage bags The SX decoys are perfect for throw-and-go hunting to eliminate bagging decoys. 2 Sentry 4 Feeders The standard will be changed for Canada goose decoys. Designed by hunters and made for the hard core Canada goose hunters.

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SX Decoy Loop Kits White (100 Pack)
  • From $40.99
SX Life Size Canada Goose Decoy Multi Pack Painted
  • From $259.99
SX Life Size Canada Goose Decoys Multi Pack Flocked
  • From $269.99
SX Canada Goose Sentry Floaters (4 Pack)
  • $95.99
360 Air Wing Canada Goose Kit (4 Pack)
  • $49.99


SX Canada Goose Sleeper Floaters (4 Pack)
  • $99.99
  • $89.99